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All the guidance you need for a career-changing interview.

Interview Prep Workbook

Your step-by-step guide to preparing for strengths-based interviews, with exercises designed to showcase your talents and impress hiring managers.

Remove self-doubt from your interviews.

We've put together empowering resources to help you clearly showcase your talents and capabilities during your next interview.

Strengths Inventory

Prepare Winning Responses

Ace Common Questions

Translate Your Experience

Self-Care Checklist

Virtual Interview Guidelines

Interview Prep

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Peek Inside the Workbook

Developed by a 15-year career expert and social worker, this workbook shares the strategies that she's used with thousands of private clients.



What if I don't know what I'm good at?

The interview workbook includes exercises to reconnect you with your talents. You'll walk into the interview knowing exactly what you want to share with the hiring manager.

What if I freeze up during interviews?

Interviews can be paralyzing for even the most qualified candidates. The workbook will help you to feel more equipped and prepared, so that you can focus on sharing your strengths.

I've been told that I ramble in job interviews.

This workbook will help guide you through the preparation process, so that you can be more strategic when you answer interview questions.

What about questions about my salary requirements and weaknesses?

The workbook has suggestions and examples for handling the most common and challenging questions, even the dreaded "Tell us about yourself."

I have a virtual interview scheduled. How do I prepare?

Wondering about pros and cons of virtual backgrounds? The workbook has a special bonus section on preparing for remote interviews. 

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Just $34.99!