On-Demand Resume Training Course for Job Seekers

What will you learn?

Developed by a 15+ year workforce development expert, this course features interactive exercises, quizzes, video modules, and supplemental resources. Learn how to expertly navigate a successful job search even in the most challenging situations.


How to craft a resume with little or no formal work experience.


How to successfully position your resume for a transition.


How to deal with ageism through the application process and put your best self forward.


How to deal with criminal justice histories as you apply for competitive roles.


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Meet Your On-Demand Course Facilitator

Hi Im Andrea


As one of the top-ranked resume writers in the country, Andrea Gerson has crafted impactful hiring materials for over 7,500 clients – many of who have gotten hired at organizations like Google, Facebook, Apple and the United Nations. Andrea’s superpower is helping those who have difficulty marketing themselves to capture employers’ attention. As a social worker and non-profit trainer, she spent six years in the New York City non-profit workforce development sector, directly coaching hundreds of participants from high-need communities and underserved backgrounds to take their next professional steps. Andrea has taught classes for workforce program participants and career development staff on topics such as job search strategies, interview preparation and navigating workplace conflict. Andrea brings a strengths-based, client-centered perspective, and her work is an extension of her commitment to addressing the opportunity gap.